Curved-form System

System provides economic and rapid solutions for circular structures with variable diameter. Outer and inner panels which are assembled at the beginning of the job are easily adapted to every circular shape by means of turnbuckles. Therefore there is no need of different assemblies for every different circular walls. When the thickness and/or the diameter of the circular are changed the inside and outside panels are placed just opposite . This ensures no extra hole is drilled in the plywood and thus the quality of concrete surface is increased.

Panels are easily adapted to different diameters by means of turnbuckle. There is no need of different assemblies for different circular walls. The same anchor holes in the plywood are used throughout the project and no extra holes are drilled in the plywood. Edge profiles and one-blow clamps make the connection easy and quick. A few clamps are enough for a rigid connection this ensures to shorten the assembly and disassembly period. If water-tight is important, panels are assembled with steel waling. So a few tie rods are enough and high savings in material and labour costs are achieved. If water-tight is not important , panels are assembled without steel waling, so an economy in the formwork cost is realized.

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