Manar Table System

We have emerged as one of the most profound manufacturers of normal and Heavy Duty Props. Basically seen at construction sites, all these Scaffolding & Props are widely used for supporting buildings and large structures. Fabricated from best quality steel, our stock of props is highly durable in terms of proficiency. With Manar Light and Heavy Duty Props, one can reduce the cost incurred as these props are reusable to support formwork shuttering. Prop has no loose parts. Manar Flex is a slab formwork which is not restricted by modular dimensions and therefore doesn’t dictate to any rules of a modular system. Due to the versatility of the manarFlex system, all geometric constructions can be realized easily and without difficulties. Maximum variability and adaptability makes the Manar Flex profitable. You are working demand oriented and are saving material, efforts and costs. Solidity of the construction, stability and robustness, as well as versatility and easy to assemble characterise the ManarFlex system.

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