Manar Ring Lock System

Manar Ring Lock system is one of the most popular and widely used systems in newly constructed projects. It can be used to act as a shoring system for slabs and for facades for external plaster. In addition, the disappearance of the modular plain brace together with the no need for tubes or couplers in the diagonals is what makes the system easier and faster. Moreover, hot dip galvanization extends the service life of the Ring lock system components. The system components are light and could be easily handled. This system also conforms to the latest occupational safety standards to provide the clients with applicable and cost effective solutions for the whole requirements.

The prime aim when designed the M-Ringlock system is to insure the construction of the tower has tightened itself by wedge end and wedge lock. All components are galvanized or painted steel and high-strength for increased safety, and resistance to rust damage to suit all environments, applications and industries

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