Cup Lock System

M-Cuplock is a multipurpose system suitable for access and support in all types of construction of building & civil engineering projects; it is fully painted/galvanized.Cuplock system is suitable for providing general access and supporting vertical loads and for slab support. It can be used to create a huge range of access and support structures, staircase towers, circular scaffolds, loading towers and mobile towers. This manual has been designed to provide comprehensive details of components and guidance on the design and erecting of Cuplock systems.

Connection and Locking Procedure

The main feature of Cuplock is the unique node locking method which allows up to four horizontal (ledgers) members to be fastened to a vertical standard in one action through two cups, lower cups welded in the standard tube at every 500 mm intervals and upper cups sliding along standard tube. The ledger ends are put in the lower cup, then the upper cup is lowered down and locking by a hammer.

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